Burlington Ontario Canada

Company Today

Cinema Sixteen is a small film production company that specializes in projects with mechanical and technical subjects.  Our productions range from corporate projects to sponsored and funded work for general media release.

The mechanical and technical subject matter reflects the personal interests of our cinematographer/producer.  While the corporate projects are contemporary, the general release projects tend to be historical, with a focus on old airplanes, old ships, old vehicles, or old manufacturing facilities or public works.


Sandy Thomson


I brought the business back to life because when I shut it down I vowed to resurrect it when I had the money to do exactly what I wanted to do. Still, making a commercial success of a film is the surest indicator of competence.

A ten minute video produced by CSI will include researching the subject, writing the script, revising the script after several discussions with the client, shooting, editing, selecting music or commissioning original music, voice recording, audio mixing and titling.

We might engage another shooter if the location is remote and the final picture and audio editing will be done by a professional editor.

I started my working career as a musician and so music is very important to me and an important element in the composition of a good film.

Most of the location sound will be captured by Mariana Thomson, my wife. We will also use a professional voice for narration and the session will be recorded in a well equipped studio.

Marianna Thomson

Sound Recordist

I am trained as an accountant but started helping my husband Sandy by Shooting sound for “The Miracle of KA114” when work started on that production in New Zealand in 2004. Since then I have managed the audio recording work on almost all CSI projects. I was the voice-over talent for the Polish version of our “The Greening of Polish Hydropower – Converting Turbines To Water” film. We use a combination of wireless and shotgun microphones and recorded through a multi-channel mixer or directly to one of our duel system audio recorders. CSI owns all of it’s gear.


Sheri 2.jpg

Sheri MacDonald

Executive Assistant / Administrator

Sheri is an experienced executive assistant and administrator, assisting several of the corporate divisions in a multitude of roles. She is the customer service point of contact for Cinema Sixteen Inc.